not bored coffee farmers

Not Bored Coffee Farmers

The overall idea of is to connect NFT Art Photography investors with the economically less fortunate with Art That Keeps on Giving. I offer NFT images combined with Fine Art Prints in limited editions that can be collected and subsequently exchanged. Upon sale of the NFT, 50% is immediately redirected to my subjects or their organizations in cash or via a transparent crypto transactions. Subsequent sales of the NFT continue to benefit the subjects ad infinitum so I hope to create a market which will see a lot of trade and movement. For each NFT sale, I gift the buyer with a Fine Art Archival 30 x 40 cm ( 12"x 16") print on Hahnemule Photo Rag Paper at cost. The print is to keep, the NFT can be traded. 

"not Bored Coffee Farmers" collections are now on sale on Opensea Duingud and AriSwap

This project benefits the coffee growers of Chiapas in Mexico whom I was fortunate enough to visit. Organized by a cooperative, they take small yearly loans from EthicHub for planting and fertilizers, which allows them to avoid loanshark interest rates of up to 20% monthly. SPR Cosechando Riqueza (Harvesting Wealth)  also handle cryptocurrency payments on behalf of the farmers and encourage better agricultural practices for higher quality coffee as well as guaranteeing a market for coffee using their own export and distribution chain. 

I found my time there personally inspirational and creatively productive. Photographing the farmers was as much fun as it was rewarding; their sense of humor showed off their gleaming gold teeth and I was surprised at how the two hour walk to reach the makeshift daylight studio hadn't put a dent in their enthusiasm for the collaboration. Knowing an element of our exchange was going to benefit their families directly has made the work even more significant. I am proud of the images, keen to show them and give them a life.

If you have a crypto wallet already you can claim your free NFT with DOINGUD here just to get you onboard.

Kayuh Putih

My initial testing ground for this NFT malarkey was the Kayuh Putih collection on Proceeds are delivered in cash locally as the subjects  do not have bank accounts. They live in Bayan ( Tabanan Regency ) under the shade of Bali’s biggest and oldest Kapok tree . The first NFT was sold 7/3/22 and the cash made it's way to Ibu Putu's family 16/3/2022. Unfortunately she had passed already.

Please investing in another and bid for the one already sold. For this series I am also offering a Signed Fine Art Museum Print to the first 10 NFT owners at cost.

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